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Mathematical calculator RionaCalc

RionaCalc is a simple but powerful calculator that works with arithmetic expressions. The major features of the program are:
  • supports more then 20 mathematical and logical operators and more than 40 functions
  • has built-in module for the units of measurement conversion
  • remembers upto 500 last expressions and results
  • two number formats
  • works with complex numbers, common fractions, date, time and stings
  • works with numbers in non-decimal scales of notation: binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers
  • solves the quadratic equation
  • finds root, minimum, maximum of the function and calculates value of define integral in any interval
  • unlimited number of user-defined variables
  • the possibility of adding your own functions using built-in programming language
  • can draw 2D and 3D graphics.
What is new in the last version:
  • Many improvements in Graph-2D window
  • Fixed: calculator crashed after trying calculate lcm(0;0) or gcd(0;0)
  • New: added random number generator (Mersenne Twister) and two functions: randinit - initialise random number generator, rand - generate the next random number
  • New: added in main menu item for calling Graph2D window: Tools->Graph 2D
download the latest version 4.02 (2007-08-19) (294 KB)

Download RionaCalc 4.02
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